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Alex International Tours is a company based out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We are committed to the values ​​of social tourism, accessible to the greatest number, because travel is a unique opportunity for socio-cultural enrichment contributing to our development. As a result, all our trips favor meeting, exchange and discovery. The trip must be a moment of well-being and sharing, so Alex International offers you a ‘new perspective’ to travel … otherwise …
The spirit of “custom travel”: our tours are customizable, according to your destinations; our travels will lead you to the meeting of traditions, ways of life of the inhabitants, you will taste the local gastronomy, you will discover the products of the soil, you will be able to exchange in a spirit of conviviality.
Alex International Tours is for Business Committees, Associations, Administrations and Public and Private Organizations, for your group trips, whether: tours, stays, theme trips, discovery trips, spas, cruises. Offering you a complete itinerary for all your destinations in Italy and Europe:

Choice and Custom: All our tours are customizable

• The «all inclusive» itinerary: you travel with peace of mind, everything is included (full board, drinks at meals, guided tours, transport…)

•Our services : We offer you hotels at quality locations, all verified by the staff of Alex Service

  • Authenticity: Our unusual destinations, the meeting of traditions, the discovery of places of art, culture, gastronomy, festivals of villages, handicrafts…
  • The cultural component: always present in our tours, to discover and know the art and the heritage (guided tours, excursions…)
  • Our itineraries are always updated
  • Our dynamic and available team, at your disposal -our insurances and our guarantees