4 good reasons to travel with Alex

Our Mission


Alex International Tours is  a company that for more than 20 years has promoted group and cultural travel.

Alex International Tours was born from over 35 years of experiencing other tour companies. Throughout this journey we have been faced with many questions, particularly on the new «lifestyles » of people and their well-being. Stimulated by this research, we were able to achieve satisfactory results with regard to the organization and the efficiency of the supply of our services.


Travel as a lifestyle is our passion

Healthy lifestyles, cultural enrichment opportunities, and intellectual free time have gained value and an ever more important role in our lives, In this context the journey is for each individual a possibility of personal fulfilment, because each one can draw from the exchange with others a force that provides relaxation and well-being.


A complete range of destinations to meet your expectations.

Alex Service is aimed at associations, administrations, local authorities, private companies by offering them a comprehensive and well-organized group travel offer. Circuits and stays at the seaside, in the mountains, on spa treatment locations; Cultural, school, theme trips, cruises, to Italy, through the Mediterranean basin and to the major European capitals.

Quality and Tranquility

Alex Service offers the following travel packages:

Custom vacations: all our trips can be personalized

• The «All Inclusive » package: Travel with peace of mind, (full board, drinks at meals, guided tours, transfers and excursions..)

• The services: Hotel, Agritourism, Tourist Villages of quality, verified by Alex Service staff;

• Authenticity: The unusual destinations, the discovery of local traditions, the cultural information that accompanies travelers to discover the art sites and the historical heritage of our beautiful Italy and the Mediterranean basin but also of the major European capitals.

• Updated and checked itineraries.

• The reception: A dynamic staff, available and of great competence.

Our Tour Operator is always looking for the right price, renegotiating the rates in order to obtain the best tour.